– Albert Einstein

“Inaction is not action.
Unless inaction IS the action.”

– Stacy Nelson


My name is Stacy Nelson and I think ‘beyond the box’. I work with businesses and organizations in various industries to help identify opportunities and create solutions.

As a visionary strategy consultant, I specialize in product profiling, trend forecasting, and branding. I am also a solutionist with the belief that no problem is too complex to solve.  I am experienced in all levels of marketing communications as well as operations and supply chain management, giving me a unique perspective from which to view your specific situation.

Being a big-picture thinker who understands the complexities of tasks and workflow allows me to see beyond the confines of your business or organization to eliminate bottlenecks, identify opportunities and create solutions that move your business forward.


I work with individuals and small group, focusing on the “I AM” presence, quantum consciousness and your life purpose, while fostering a cooperation over competition mindset, I explain how you can change your reality and live a fuller life, freeing yourself from ancestral trauma, drama and ego.

I have been helping people discover and connect with their birth families for more than 30 years, long before Ancestry, 23andMe, and other DNA testing kits became available. Throughout this process I observed how inherited trauma passed down through epigenetics manifests in birth children who were not raised by their biological parents. When I began noticing similar patterns in others who were not adopted, I began researching how we can heal from ancestral trauma as well as our own. At the time there wasn’t much information available so I drew on my decades of experience working with adoptees and my own personal experiences to begin my journey to release the pain and emotion from not only my own experiences, but those of my ancestors as well. When I incorporated Quantum AO Scan Technology into this process, it magnified the results and I gained a sense of balance and harmony I had not experienced before.

As a QLA (Quantum Living Advocate) for Solex, I have witnessed the benefits from the frequencies found in Solex’s AO Scan Technology in myself and many others. This technology is inspired by discoveries from Tesla, Einstein, and many other renowned scientists. It is designed to communicate with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals. Learn more at https://shop.solexnation.com/stacynelson/

Together we can change the world. All it takes is COMPASSION, KINDNESS, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, COMMON COURTESY and RESPECT.

My goal is to help you, so let’s get started by scheduling a call today. Complete a simple intake form or give me a call at (304) 997-8741

At the end of the day, all we have is our INTEGRITY. Place your trust in someone who understands and RESPECTS this!