– Maya Angelou

Are you…

  • trying to understand the meaning of life and why you are here?

  • questioning your purpose and/or path in life?

  • curious about learning how to heal from inherited generational trauma and how to release it from others in your family?

  • searching for your birth family or other relatives?

  • looking for alternative ways to improve your quality of life and feel better?

  • interested in frequency and/or red light therapies for your practice or yourself?

  • in need of conversations with like-minded explorers of consciousness?

I am so glad you found your way here! 

Are YOU ready to experience the FREQUENCY?

Solex quantum living advocate west virginia

Solex’s AO Scan technology is inspired by discoveries from Tesla, Einstein, and many other renowned scientists. It is designed to communicate with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals.

Everything is energy and frequency. Atoms and molecules constantly vibrate, making up the world we live in. When frequencies change from their optimal state, problems can occur.

AO Scan™ is a comprehensive tool for measuring & optimizing frequencies. It supports the user with valuable information on the current state of your body’s frequencies and much more!

Great for practitioners (Reiki, Massage, NRT, Zyto, Chiropractic, Acupuncture/Acupressure, Naturopathy, TCM, etc.) as well as individuals.

QUANTUM Technology means you can scan your patients and deliver frequencies remotely!

SEFIdots (Subtle Energy Frequency Imprint Patches)

Solex SEFIdots are programmable discs with a holographic image, printed on a foil back and encased in a silicone bubble.

SEFIdots are not your regular pre-programmed patches. These discs give you full control! They can be programmed with the specific energy frequencies you need that can enhance your body’s own energy field. With SEFIdots, it really is all about effective programming for your specific needs. Now you can take your optimization with you all day, everywhere!


  • Customizable. Provides full control of scanning and imprinting experience.

  • Quick Start guide included

  • Works along all SEFI Programs

  • Specifically designed to receive an imprint

  • Works with NEW ‘SEFIdot’ AO Scan feature

  • Non-allergenic, skin-safe adhesive patches

SEFIdots work with AO Scan Mobile and AO Scan Tablet

Adapted and formulated to work with the AO Scan™ software and enhanced to optimize frequencies. This device has been specifically designed to block frequencies that may interfere with AO Scan™ Software. Multiple incredible scans in the palm of your hand. Each type of scan helps you live a more balanced life by optimizing the frequencies around you.

Inner-Voice uses sounds harmonizing technology that generates a balancing audio frequency derived from voice spectrum to supplement frequencies that we lack. The Body Systems scan performs a complete and thorough scan of over hundreds of Blueprint Frequencies associated with 13 body systems and performs and optimizing analysis.


– Natalia and Terry O’Sullivan

Healing Ancestral Trauma & Genetic Genealogy 

Consider that we inherit more than physical and personality traits from our ancestors – we also inherit their trauma. Trauma that existed before we were conceived, before our great great grandparents were conceived. Imagine all of the trauma that has accumulated in the past 500 years, let alone since the 17th century. “An example of the complexities of our biological heritage is the fact that if we go back 13 generations, we have at least 30,000 direct ancestors. Therefore, it means that within our DNA, we carry not only our history, but also the history of the human race.” This quote can be found in an amazing book by Natalia and Terry O’Sullivan called Ancestral Healing Made Easy (How to Resolve Ancestral Patterns and Honour Your Family History).

I believe this helps explain why it can be hard for old paradigms to disappear. We might want to move forward but the pull of the past is like the polarity of a magnet, which can often lead to feeling like we are in quicksand, unable to see past the immediate situation. There are numerous ways to heal ancestral trauma, some of which include genealogy research, validation and meditation.

I have been helping people discover and connect with their birth families for more than 30 years, long before Ancestry, 23andMe, and other DNA testing kits became available. Throughout this process I observed how inherited trauma passed down through epigenetics manifested in birth children who were not raised by their biological parents.

When I noticed similar patterns in others who were not adopted, I began researching how we can heal from inherited ancestral trauma as well as trauma from our own experiences. I drew from any research I could find, along with my decades of experience working with adoptees, and my own personal experiences, to create a pathway to release the pain and stored emotion from my own experiences and those of my ancestors. I discovered that this not only helped me, but helped others in my family, without their direct participation or knowledge of what I was doing.

After completing this process I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders and I had a new perspective about life and those in my circles. I shared my experience with others who had similar outcomes when they applied the same methodology their unique circumstances. When I incorporated Quantum AO Scan Technology into this process it magnified the results and I gained a sense of balance and harmony I had not experienced before.

If you are interested in locating or connecting with a family member, understanding the impact generational and geographical trauma affects your life and learn ways to move past it, or discovering the benefits of quantum frequency technology, schedule a free 15-minute explore call to see if we are a good fit for one another.